Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Yard Sale Goodies

Got this for 5 bucks. It holds my records perfectly.

I love old picnic baskets. This one has some vinyl tablecloths inside. Only 3 bucks!

I might have to use this for hanging up my aprons. I got this for 50 cents.

A fenton fairylight. I got it for a quarter!

Bought this for the kitchen table. It was a quarter!

This is a Limoges planter. I got it for 5 dollars. Would be great to hold fresh fruit!

Miscellaneous jewelry-about a dollar total. The doily was 50 cents.

Small birdcage-25 cents. Flute $1. Pineapple hook (I am going to hang necklaces from it-50 cents. Green dish-$2. Pictures were 50 cents each.

FTD planter-$1. I am going to put my pens and pencils in it.

Random picture frames-a dollar or less.

Whatnot shelf-I think it was $2.

Random signs and ect-50 cents each.

A bag full of lace-I offered the gal $5.
I hope you enjoyed the goodies. I certainly had a great time finding them. :) Luv~Betty