Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

These are the Easter baskets I put together for my Mama and Auntie. Aren't they sweet? I think Mama will like the pink one-(it is the plushest of the two bunnies) but maybe she will like better the one she doesn't get-LOL! Anyway, Hubs and I had fun putting these baskets together and we are going to deliver them around lunch time. Hopefully we will still be able to get in on a ham dinner at the retirement home! Hugs to all and Happy Easter! ~Luv~Betty G


  1. Thanks for visiting. I am a fairly new blogger myself - just started in November, and still have lots to learn. There are so many talented and interesting people in blog land.
    Have a nice evening.

  2. Hi Betty :)

    What a sweet thing to do! I think they'll love them :)


  3. Welcome to blogland, where the more exclamation marks, the merrier! If I can answer any blog questions for you (a 50/50 chance I could), just ask away. Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower. I'll be back.

    The Texas Woman

  4. Hi Betty, I hope your Easter was very happy. I love the baskets that you made for Mom & Auntie and I'm sure they loved them as well. Thanks for visiting me and come back soon. I'll be back!

  5. Thank you gals for visiting and your kind words. The baskets were a big hit and the bunnies are now well loved. Mama and Auntie are in assisted living and have apartments right next door from one another. They spend all their time together and are cute as a bug's ear. I love seeing them so happy together. Thanks again! Luv~Betty G~