Sunday, April 19, 2009

What to do about nosey neighbors?

I love meeting people--I visit with all my neighbors when I am working in the yard and I like them...well most of them anyway. But-one of the things I dislike is nosey neighbors. Most of my neighbors are friendly, but we respect one another's privacy. We help one another in a pinch-jump starting cars, chasing down wind blown garbage cans, shoveling snow. We have a gal who lives across the street. She is older than most of us--she is 75 while I am 48. She never worked and is a meticulous housewife. As for me, I work-alot! I don't have alot of time where I am at home and when I am home, I like to get things done on my own terms.

Any time she sees me, she comes up and complains about the neighbors who live around us. She says that the neighborhood is different from the way it used to be. She tells me things about the other neighbors that aren't any of my concern-and I always try to defend the other neighbors and change the subject. I can only imagine what this gal says about me. LOL!

Anyway, this gal makes remarks about not being able to see in our neighbors homes. That to me is a bit strange. I don't make it a habit to look in my neighbor's windows, but she does. She is mad because my one neighbor keeps their shades closed. I had never noticed that they do nor do I care. I mean-what is the big deal? Then she will tell me that she can't see into my house-but that it is her husband who sits in front of their door and watches the neighbors. Ummmm-ok!

She complains about everybody's yards. Most of us work so our yards are not perfect. Hers is because she and her hubby are retired and they spend their time perfecting their yard. Mine gets mowed once a week and I have flowers, but it could use a full time gardener, I admit.

Well, anyway-this gal makes me uncomfortable. And I really do try to be nice but distance myself from her because she is so crabby about the other neighbors who I really like.

The other night she came up to me when I was getting out of the car. She said that her hubby and mine had made plans for us to all go to dinner next week. I about fell over because my hubby never said a word about this to me. I was polite-but I feel bad because I really don't want to start socializing with this gal. We have nothing in common-except that we are neighbors. Anyway, I guess we are going to a restaurant for dinner next week. I just hope that we can end the evening at the restaurant because I don't want this woman coming into my house. Is that bad of me? My house isn't dirty-but I have some unfinished projects and I don't need her telling all my neighbors how cluttered everything is. Anyway-if this gal should try to invite herself in, what do I do?

My one neighbor JoAnn told me that one day while I was at work, this gal Mona took JoAnn around my yard and showed her around-commenting on the creeping charlie I had growing by the fence. So you see-this gal is just not the type I want to consider a friend. What do you all think? Do any of you have a problem with a Gladys Cravitts type? Any advice?


  1. Well, I have to say yes we did have a neighbor just like that named Mona Grossip! She was the biggest gossip you ever saw and every time she came at me saying, "Mona Grossip here to gossip!" I ran the other way. I wonder whatever happened to her, she did have very nice wigs but she kept losing them.....

  2. OH my Lands!!!! Mona is the first name of my neighbor lady! Do we live in the same trailer court?

  3. Betty, I was thinking this lady sounds like Ms. Cravitts and then you ended the post calling her that, too funny! As for how to handle her..hmmmmmm!! Maybe you and the rest of the neighborhood should open your windows for a few days and walk around the house naked??? hehehe

    Thanks for your kind comments on my floorcloths and thanks for entering the giveaway.

    Have a happy day

  4. I don't like to be around people like that. I figure if they are talking about all the other neighbors like that, then they are probabley talking about me when I am not around. Think I would be tempted to ask her why she needs to see in someone's home. I would probabley avoid her, cut the conversations short/change subject, etc. I would not want to socialize with her.

  5. Gals-Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. I tell you, it was an interesting evening. We went out to a pub and had fish and chips. The food was good--one of my favs. So the evening wasn't a complete wash. I limited myself to one beer-but I could as the evening progressed, I could have used a few more! Mona asked me questions like "what is that room under your big window? What is all that junk in the room down there?" I was so embarassed! I explained to her that we moved my folks out of a 7 bedroom house and each of us kids is storing mom and dad's junk! Right now my basement crawlspace is called the warehouse-which is the honest to God's truth. I have not had the chance to go through every thing. Then she said that she did not like the grade of our street because she can't see into our neighbors' windows from her house! Can you believe it?! I struggled hard to control my tongue. I just let her do most of the talking as I did not want to divulge too many details of my personal life for her to spread about the neighborhood. The poor woman kept dropping names of old neighbors who lived in the neighborhood before my time and I've been there 21 years. I just politely listened to her stories. At the end of the night, her hubby said we needed to exchange phone numbers. I quickly changed the subject. Mine is unlisted---for a very good reason! Whew! That is all I need! Anyway, I feel like I dodged a bullet on that one! Thanks gals for letting me vent a little. I feel alot better now that my social obligation is over. HUGS~Betty G~

    April 25, 2009 11:14 AM

  6. Hi Betty :)

    She sounds like a loon! LOL You had better tell your hubby that you don't want to go on anymore dinner dates with them before you end up giving out your number just to shut her up... yikes!